Strike Up A Bond Of Friendship Between Toddlers And Love For Reading With These Stunning Bestsellers Books

One Best Book Equals To Hundred Good Friends: 

Our little inquisitive learners are always burning with curiosity and a list of questions in their minds. To calm down their little minds and the unending queries, it is very important to feed their hunger for interrogation with good readers’ help. We can find an endless variety of storybooks for toddlers online who swear on the overall development of the children.

How To Introduce Young Minds To The Books: 

It is very important for the parent to choose the right book, which is age-appropriate. The toddlers should be given books that feature based on tactile, auditory, kinaesthetic, and visual learning.

Check Out Some Of The Trusted Books By The Parents Below: 


Storybooks are an integral part of the brain development of a child. When a story is read to a child with little voice modulation, it creates a great impact on young minds. The children relate to the stories told to them during nap time, and little lessons learned through a story does a great deal of character formation of a child where values are imbibed in their nature. One of the best-rated storybooks for toddlers online is the famous “The jungle book (first stories)” by “Miriam Bos.” This storybook is a motion book best for the kinesthetic learners where they will explore the adventures of “Mowgli” and his friends with push, pull and slide mechanism. The author made sure to take the child to the journey of this timeless tale by “Rudyard Kipling” in a very venturesome manner.

Educational Books For Kids:

Educational books help toddlers develop their vocabulary and horizon of thinking and imagination. Through educational books, children can gain a lot of vital knowledge of their surroundings. Like we find storybooks for toddlers online, there is a wide range of educational books for kids on the internet. One of the finest books set available online is “My first library: Boxset of 10 board books for kids”. It is the learning set of 10 assembled board books which consist of basic learning for the toddlers which includes topic like letters, numbers, colors, wild animals, shapes, farm animals and pets, birds, fruits, vegetable, and transport.

The “Wonder House” team has especially worked over the graphics and color combination of the books to grasp the attention of the children through a beautiful portrayal of the day to day knowledge. This set of books enhances the different sets of skills based on reading, building vocabulary, listening, and observation. This set of highly enlightening books helps nurture the minds of little ones with the ray of expert knowledge.

Early Learning Books For Toddlers:

Early learning books for toddlers where children learn about life skills helps the child to become independent and help them in communicative skills, develop their emotional development, and spark the cognitive flexibility and creativity. These early learning books include role play, which excites our little actors to perform certain tasks by getting in the shoes of professionals, and side by side develops their fine motor skills. One such book that is available and trusted by the parent is “Busy Baking” by Louise Forshaw.

This push and pull interactive book is a treat for the toddlers who love to bake the feast for the parties where they will love to decorate cakes while reciting rhyming words side by side. The toddlers will get awestruck by the illustration of this wonderful book and will develop the liking towards life skills like cooking.

Interactive Books For Toddlers Online:

It is very important for the children to express their emotions for their physical and mental well being. To motivate the children for the same, there is a fantabulous work done by author “Elizabeth Verdick” in the book “Calm-Down time” where the child is conditioned to express displeasure through positive techniques and is taught self-control by keeping calm where the child can take time to cry out, ask to get embraced, to be rocked and cuddled by a caregiver, etc. which will help the child to channel his emotions in a right direction.

Finding Children’s Rhyming Books Online: 

Rhyming books are another important part of excelling the vocabulary in children .toddlers get amazed by the sound of the rhyming words and love to repeat them while listening to the stories or rhymes. The children literally get in the flow of the magic of rhyming words as these special words leave a lasting impression on their memory where they can recall and recognize any story or a character by a mere rhyming word. The rhyming books help children predict the sound of the words and develop prediction skills by finding a pattern in the following sentences.

One such book that provides great exposure to the magical world of rhyming words is a collection of traditional nursery rhymes that is “Nursery Rhymes Board Book(My first book series) illustrated classic nursery rhymes” which is an amazing work done by “Wonder House” team in a way that these classic rhymes are presented in a very fresh and appealing manner to the toddlers, where the utmost importance is given to make learning a joyful journey.

Books To Enhance Tactile Sense In Children:

Children tend to learn things fast when they feel that thing. The tactile sense of a child is very sharp, where they feel everything with more intensity, just like their emotions. To calm down their tactile sense, there are many touches and feel board books are available in the market, which is good for a regular child and the child who is visually impaired or has special needs. The parent can encourage the child for his first words by a wonderful touch and feel board book “baby touch and feel Bedtime” where a child can touch the characters of the book and feel the texture.

The children will love to give goodnight kisses to a cuddly teddy bear, dolly, fluffy bunny, wooly lamb, and many more. With the help of this book, the toddler will recognize the difference of texture and will be able to relate the texture with his toys and things around. Toddlers can relate to the feel of the texture by their name and will gain the basic knowledge of different items.

How To Cultivate Fondness Towards Reading In Toddlers:

It’s not always necessary that the child is interested in reading a book or shows interest in listening to the stories. Storybooks for toddlers online are numerous. It is highly recommended to choose a book for the child where he shows most of the interest. It is very important for the parent to read or show the book in a manner to a child where he feels thrilled and surprised.

Some Of The Few Tips That Can Really Help To Raise A Reader Are As Follows: 

>> The modulation of a voice is a must. Children love to imagine the character where they relate to their voice and physical structure. They even tend to mimic the same sound at times.

>> Using props such as finger puppets will make the storytelling even dearer to the children.

>> EXPRESSIONS plays a great role. To make a child believe in the story, its important to make sure that the parent uses the right expressions.

>> Building up the suspense while reading out the story is what keeps the child engross.

>> Reading time should be in the child and the parenting schedule where the parent shows the child that they are busy reading, so the child also develops the meaning and importance of reading quietly.

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