A Simple Guide For A Challenging Chore: How To Potty Train A Toddler?

A Simple Guide For A Challenging Chore: How To Potty Train A Toddler?

A Quick Thought On What We Know About The Word Potty Training –When we hear the word potty training, it presents a messy image in our mind of a child with a soiled diaper. Most of the parent finds it very challenging to make the child understand why it is necessary to tell when they have to poop or pee. Moreover, the new parents get a lot of parenting tips and are surrounded by judgments from peers and family, which creates more frustration than a help. Potty training for toddlers is described as conditioning the toddler to express his urge to urinate or poop or to teach them to excrete the body waste on a potty seat.

This task can sometimes be nerve-wracking for a parent when a toddler is stubborn to use the toilet seat. Potty training for toddlers is really an important aspect of their personal hygiene. As toddlers have low immunity levels, any kind of compromise on their personal health can cause an immense effect on their physical well being.

Why You Should Potty Train Your Child And Why Not:

As we all know that making a child sit in one place is itself a big task, as they have a high energy level and lack a sense of patience at this tender age. Toddlers have basic instincts to explore things around them and are inquisitive learners.

For this reason, they are restless and love to move around like little explorers. Expecting them to sit on the potty seat for a long time is way too much of expectation from them. If the toddler is constantly forced to sit on the potty seat frequently can lead to repulsive behavior where a child can become really reluctant with the mere thought of poop or pee which can cause a child to hold his/her urge to excrete and can cause a painful impact on the health of the child like gas, constipation, urinary infection, etc.

The approach to toilet training for kids should be very flexible where the child does not feel forced or is not made to feel embarrassed for not freeing himself on the potty seat.

Quick Tips For Potty Training For Toddlers Which Can Work Miracles:

1). It is very important for the caregiver to keep a time table of the child’s routine. This can really help the parent predict when a child actually wants to pee or poop. This time table will not only help in keeping track of nature’s calls but also help to decipher the sleep patterns of the toddler, which creates a lot of ruck suck in the life of the new parents.

2). Follow the cues that a child gives beforehand. Most of the time children show or express certain behavior where they want to get rid of the feeling of uneasiness due to the urge of getting fresh this can include moving body in a certain manner, sitting quietly in a corner, hiding behind curtains or sofa, etc. if a sudden change in the child’s behavior is visible, its always good to ask the child if he wants to freshen up.

3). Making a child understand that how important it is to keep ourselves clean is very important, making the child aware of self-hygiene is very important as this will help him understand why it is important to freshen up only on potty seats rather than diapers.

4). Telling a child that they are now grown up always works. By this, the child feels more responsible and would want to do what the grownups practice, for example, brushing teeth on their own, washing hands, etc. This technique will help a child to get motivated to free themselves on the potty seat.

5). Making sure that the seat they use should be comfortable, and they don’t get scared with the idea of using the toilet seats used by adults.

6). Engaging them in rhymes or stories while sitting on the potty chair is very important, as some of the adults even get little bored sitting and prefer to take a newspaper or mobile phones along, we can think how our little toddlers would feel sitting there on the seat for 10 mins getting bored where they actually want to play around.

7). Stop making the child wears a diaper. Kids are very smart and proactive if they experience an embarrassing situation like soiling their pants will make them understand why its necessary to use washrooms. Like us adults, even they don’t like to get embarrassed by such instances and would try to avoid such situations by letting the caregiver know.

Why Long Time Diapers Are Not Good For The Children

Making a child wear diapers for the long term can cause problems for the future as the child gets dependent on the diaper and would really not want to de-attach from it. As the child grows up, he becomes fine with the fact of wearing a diaper, and when he is not made to wear a diaper, he becomes cranky and moody.

Long term diapers can cause rashes and other problems in toddlers. During hot days children can get really sweaty in the diapers and can have huge mood swings due to it. A child should be made to feel the difference when the diaper is on and off, as this will help them realize that without the diaper, they feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Toilet Training For Kids – A Simple Drill For A Big Motive

1). Make the child wake up early in the morning.

2). Water is a must when the child gets out of bed.

3). Children should be made to sit on the potty seat after drinking water.

4). Encourage them by letting them clean themselves by using the hand shower as the children love to do chores.

5). Feed the child and make the child drink warm milk in breakfast. This will help the child in passing the motion smoothly.

6). Observe the cues shown by the child and ask if he wants to freshen up.

Patience Is The Virtue

The caregiver should keep in mind that the child will eventually come out of this phase. Parents should be encouraged rather than lectured on good parenting. As it is rightly said, only the parent can know when the child is ready, don’t rush with things they will eventually fall on places. Our children will get over this phase as we all did. Potty training for toddlers is a journey where the child and the caregiver also learn patience and perseverance. So keep your motivation high as this shall pass too.


These days when we have hectic days and want everything to be done in fast and forward mode kids, potty training is a crucial chore that needs a lot of time and effort from the caregiver. The toilet training should not be considered a difficult task; rather, it should be taken as a phase of a child growing up at its own pace and making memories for a lifetime.

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