Reasons Why You Should Adopt Online Education for Your Kids During a Lockdown

Reasons Why You Should Adopt Online Education for Your Kids During a Lockdown

Students face many challenges when learning online, like interferences, when studying online, being out of one’s comfort zone, and less private communication between teachers and students. Online learning also requires students to be self-motivated and have strong time management skills. So, how can you make learning more interactive? How can you create an enjoyable and captivating learning environment? In online education during lockdown?

Online Learning Benefits

For me, it is learning new things. I’m not doing it because people expect me to come back out of the self-isolation period sort of a new person. No, I enjoy it; therefore, I am doing it. Moreover, online learning is among the most straightforward tools that keep me mentally healthy right away because it takes my mind off any anxious thoughts. I also learn tons, which may be a great bonus. Considering the quantity of data, I’m gaining immediately; maybe I will be able to become a far better me after quarantine ends.

 Some significant advantages of online learning are

  • Convenience
  • Less Expensive
  • Technology

Online education isn’t a replacement trend, but it’s becoming more popular as we speak. There are many reasons for that, affordability and adaptability being the most ones. Online education gives you the liberty to find out at your own pace, any time and place. And as for the worth, there are many online learning platforms, like Skillshare and Udemy, that provide thousands of classes at no cost. Of course, you’ll also take classes on YouTube, but I prefer eLearning platforms as they provide high-quality courses, plus there are not any ads and distractions there. Online learning platforms also offer a way of community—you get to do class projects and participate in group discussions, which is particularly essential immediately.

The amount of learning platforms is overwhelming, and once you choose one, stick with it. I prefer services that provide unlimited monthly plans. I also enjoy shorter classes more because, even now, I do not have much time to devote to learning between my family and work.

Tips & Trick For Online Education During Lockdown

Tips and Tricks for Online Learning

1. Give Some Ownership and Control

Students will get more motivated and engaged once you give them a way of control and ownership. So, provide them with the choice to choose topics, units, and assignments, which will help them pick relevant content quickly, study specific issues, or pick the delivery method. Let them select the order during which they need to find out some topics. Also, it will empower and engage your learners.

2. Self-Assessments

This is another way to let your students choose the way they learn. Or, allow them to go deeper into some chapters. Fix these decisions based on their self-assessment outcomes.

Also, get comments from students on the classes and learning experience. Then make changes to your lessons, don’t await the top of the course to form these adjustments.

3. Encourage Students to Contribute

Invite your students to contribute their knowledge and learn from each other. Accentuate group projects or host online group study sessions. Such task-based learning will motivate students and facilitate them with their studies. Enable learners to make resources and review each other’s work. It will strengthen their understanding and encourage a culture of sharing.

Also, believe which students perform well in online environments and provides them with work on those skills and behaviors. Then use this to plan their assignments.

4. Mix Content Delivery Methods

Use a mixture of content delivery methods like text, audio, video, and presentations. Have short video lessons of 10 minutes or less, as they’re easier to observe. Break up long lecture recordings into bite-sized chunks, which will end in more video views and improved retention and engagement. Your students also will see videos at their convenience, or they will download them to observe later.

Quizzes or tests also can be added at specific places within videos to form them engaging. It’s an excellent thanks to gauging student learning and help them retain what they need to learn.

5. Encourage Accountability

Send automated emails to students who haven’t completed their assignments or haven’t logged in for some days. Make study groups make a way of accountability. Do periodic check-ins to urge feedback from your learners.

Regular student contact will help drive accomplishment in education. A sense of accountability will be created if students know that teachers are logging in, reviewing materials, and responding to questions, which will make them present coursework on time and be more engaged in group debates.

Disadvantages of Online Learning


You need to have Self-Discipline and a great sense of time management as Online Courses are Less Structured

You presumably won’t have a selected hour put aside for a lecture, seminar or tutorial hebdomadally. Your best bet is that your teacher has recorded an address, assigned some reading, or provided a video to observe.

Hence, means self-discipline is a must.

Setting aside the fact that email pushes on your phone or laptop is a must for online students (see my point below on emails), this student also lacked the self-discipline for online learning.

Here’s another case: and one that’s more common.

Students usually start optimistic and enthused for his or her online classes. The first week’s discussion board is filled with joyful comments about how excited students are to discover one concept or another. Then, because the weeks tick by, I see fewer and fewer of the scholars on the discussion boards. Often, the discussions dwindle to a core group of about 30% of the students who are genuinely engaged each week.

The rest? They end up trying to play catch-up at the end of the semester.

I’m sure you can guess which students get the top marks.

Your Study Time and Personal Time Clash All The Time.

Without set class times, you’ll find that you’re often interrupted while studying. The point is this: the distinction between personal and work time is blurred when you’re considering from home.

Again, there’s the pro: you could attend family emergencies without hindrance (HUGE advantage). And there’s the con: I got no work done that day because my personal and work lives clashed.

When you have the freedom to study from home, you also have the added issue of needing to juggle, separate, and divide work time from personal time. Let me tell you: it’s not easy.

You’ll Go Through RUTS.

(FYI rut: are you there?)

Without the regular motivation of dragging yourself along to class each week, there’s a good chance you’ll go through periods when you just dread the idea of logging-on. The first few weeks are motivating, fun, and exciting. You’re exposed to a new form of learning and excited to meet your class and teacher.

Then, as the first assessment tasks start coming up, you’ll find yourself sucked into a rut. You’ll be juggling online learning with the rest of the pressures in your life, and those other pressures will start to take over.

Look, you’ll get through it. I go through the rut every single semester. If you manage that self-discipline I mentioned earlier, you’ll get through it. You will need to perfect the art of using critical methodical strategies to prevent dawdle.

But the ruts will turn up, the gloss of e-learning will wear off, and logging-on a few times a week will quickly become a not-so-fun task. 


Even though it is a time of ruckus, but we should not be panicked right now and do our utmost to come out this lockdown with our responsibilities done, that in case of children is online education during the lockdown. There are many advantages and disadvantages of online learning, but right now, in these circumstances, it’s our only option!

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