The Living Style In The Time Of COVID-19 Lockdown & Its Impact

The Living Style In The Time Of COVID-19 Lockdown & Its Impact

Life In A Lockdown – Human life is a combination of structure, routine, and time management. These components are required for life to feel complete in a sense. It needs a cycle; even spontaneous people have their daily routines and schedules, which they rely-on.

The current situation of the world right now is not very pleasant if I were to put it quickly. It’s a disaster! Life around the globe is on hold right now.

The present world is in chaos but to think of this with a more positive perspective, rather than thinking “I am stuck inside” think “finally more time for myself “that way it will cause you less anxiety and depress you a little less.

Finally more time for myself

To thrive and flourish, it is required to have “positive psychology,” which points out that human beings belong to groups and our tribal instincts make us happy.

“Nothing lasts forever.”

This quote is quite famous and is nothing but the truth, and should be remembered in times like this when the world is in a grim situation as a global pandemic took over our lives, and we had to shut ourselves out from the world.

Now, the only thing that is left for us to comprehend and accept as the end of this isolation seems far. Quarantine is a choice. We are facing a choice, and we have to face it over and over again.

We cannot resist the world’s reality, or we can choose to seize the opportunity to evolve and develop some healthy habits!

“DISASTER” and I wish it weren’t happening, but can we do something that can change the situation? NO! This life in a lockdown is not easy and holding everything on pause might seem like a fantasy to us, to me especially if I were the past me but now that everything is happening all of our imaginations are shattered

“We now know what a life-or-death emergency feels like.

We got front row seats to our fragility “

Reality to our life in a lockdown is quite harsh if I’m being honest, it is like what everyone ever wished for suddenly came true. I wish:

  • Every day would be Sunday, checked.
  • I keep sleeping & don’t wake up, Correct.
  • I should have time to spend with family, Done.
  • I didn’t have to go to school, Done.

Now every day feels like a Sunday but now we wish that we could go back to work! Now our sleep schedule is wrecked and we sleep till as late as we want, but we continue to feel tired and exhausted. We have plenty of time to spend with family but now we are fed-up of spending time with them 24/7 our “quality time” has turned into “I’d rather not “time.

But is this what we really wanted? Are we happy and satisfied? Absolutely not! We are not happy rather we are depressed and sad. It feels like we are locked up in our own houses and the world is seemingly coming to an end.

This time in our lives is where we need positive vides and happy energy the most. The main thing is to keep ourselves occupied we need to construct “new Normal”

How Is Life In A lockdown? You May Ask

Time in a Lockdown
Time in a Lockdown
  • Set alarms and get up early: we had a habit of early rising before this pandemic happened so why stop now! Get up early even if you don’t have anything to do. This is a whole lot better for your overall health and most importantly for your mental health which is probably mostly deteriorating in this period
  • Getting up late shortens the day? NO! It’s playing havoc with your natural circadian rhythm, which are physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a daily cycle. They primarily respond to light in the environment
  • Don’t over-indulging yourself in food: overindulging yourself in food and drinks just because you’re bored is neither helping your mood or self-esteem, it only helps you gain some extra pounds on the weight scale if nothing else
  • Not keep track of the pandemic: “The worst that can happen is that we make a misstep and let our emotions get ahead of the facts, and we have to go through this again,” said New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a daily press conference last month.
  • No More Worrying About the Outfit of The Day: Black dress, check. Silver earrings, white watch, black formal shoes, check check and check. Makeup and lipstick, more checks. Selecting the outfit of the day, pairing it with the right accessories, and perfect makeup can be quite a task. But slipping into a comfy pair of pajamas, with hair tied in a bun, now that’s the perfect work outfit of the day. So courtesy the coronavirus lockdown, we don’t have to worry about the outfit of the day.
  • Not to worry about extra expenses: Let’s get this straight, we love to indulge. Be it exotic foods from charming eateries, travel to gorgeous locations, adventurous experiences, shopping for pretty outfits we love it all. But this COVID-19 lockdown has put a stop to all our indulgences. One of the things we don’t need to worry about during this lockdown is no more stressing on unnecessary expenses. Malls, liquor shops, pubs are all temporarily shut. So, we do end up saving on a lot during this time thanks to a significant drop in our unnecessary expenses.
  • Binge-watch all the episodes you missed: this pandemic might have only one good thing to it! Now you have all the time in the world to binge-watch seasons and series that were trying to watch but could not due to your jam-packed schedule.
  • Master those dishes you love: this is the best time for you to improve your culinary skills and learn all the dishes and cuisines you love to eat and your valet will also thank you for it.
  • Organize your home: if you are someone like me, who likes organizing stuff but is extremely lazy and the queen of procrastination. This is a golden time for you to have an abundant amount of time to waste, procrastinate, and still, you will be able to get things done.


Even if life right now is playing havoc, as they say, “this too shall pass” is what should be our mindset right now. We should take this as a “chance” given to us by God himself to improve and re-evaluate ourselves and align ourselves to the paths we wanted but couldn’t take! And stay indoors so that this time of despise passes quickly and we come out of our dungeons as our ideal’s selves, this might seem difficult or rather impossible to some but anything is possible if we’re desperate enough. Isn’t it?

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