How Our Lives Dramatically Alters, Once You Take Charge As A Parent

How Our Lives Dramatically Alters, Once You Take Charge As A Parent

Change in life is a very important part of the journey and is inevitable, which keeps happening from the day we are born till the time we depart from this world. While climbing the ladder of our life journey, we find ourselves fitting in different roles like that of a child, toddler, teen, adult, and finally, a golden ager. When we think we finally have understood how to fit in the present characters one by one, suddenly we find ourselves promoted to the other phase without even realizing .one such phase which will always be memorable for our life is parenthood. Life changes after a baby in a manner that all our life priorities shift their directions towards our little wonders.

The Following Are The Striking Changes That Are Noticed In All Parents Lives:

Becoming Selfless: When a baby is born, a parent is born along with the child. A sudden sense of selflessness comes rushing as an instinct where the parent’s only concern is the well being of the child, and they sacrifice their comforts, sleep, and time to make the child adjust to the new environment around.

Turning Into A More Responsible Being: With a child comes great responsibility. As the infant is very fragile and needs constant attention, the adults who were earlier carefree of everything tends to turn more proactive and turn on their responsibility switch towards the baby who needs constant care and attention. Life changes after a baby can cause a huge change in the nature of the adults who have just welcomed the newborn.

Social Disassociation: Life changes after a baby is born in a dramatic way for new parents. They generally tend to get disassociate with their social life as they get bound to the schedule driven by the little person. This can sometimes take a toll on the mental wellbeing of the new parents where they find themselves exhausted .sometimes; this disassociation can cause depression, mood swings, and insomnia in the new parents.

Postpartum Depression: Most new parents, especially mothers, experience baby blues just after delivering the baby, where they may find themselves crying over simple things and often shows pangs of anxiety. Postpartum depression is real and can levy a significant influence on the general happiness of the parent. It is advisable to take proper medical guidance to overcome this kind of depression before it hampers the journey of parenthood in a bitter manner.

How Having A Baby Changes Your Life Physically 

Like said earlier, when a child is born, the parent is born along. As the new parent welcomes the child in their life with great joy, they seldom forget their individuality and get so much into parenting that they tend to not only adjust themselves to men but also in physical aspects.

Some Of The Changes That Can Be Seen The Physique Of A New Parent Are As Follows:

Wearing More Comfortable Rather Than Fashionable Clothes:

It’s really funny how your life changes after a baby. To make the infant comfortable and cozy, parents opt for many comfy clothes for themselves, junking all the fashionable clothes and accessories they use to wear to show off their swag. The sudden switch of turning their closet from a happening collection to a really sober and sometimes boring outfit is turned out to make the little kids feel comfortable when they are cuddled and carried, as there is always a chance where a child can get hurt by uneven clothing or accessories worn by the parent.

Ditching The Most Loved Pair Of Footwear:

As the parent have to be always on their heels to cadre the need of the young ones, its impossible for them to wear their favorite pumps or Brogues. To move around, the parent needs real comfortable footwear, which they adapt as soon as they step out of the hospital after the delivery. Though this sounds sad, the basic instinct of sacrifice as a parent begins here. Later, when the child grows up, the parent feels laid back to gear up again as they use to be and prefers the same indolent approach towards physical appearance 

How To Adapt To The Life Changes After A Baby Is Born

Support Each Other As A Parent: It is very important for both the partners to support each other while taking care of the child as the infant has the ability to understand the emotion of a parent who is around and any disturbance in the well being of the partner can cause insecurity and restlessness in the baby.

Taking Out Me Time: It is very important for both the parent to take out me time for themselves where they can take chances and get engage in activities, they use to like before the parenthood, which will keep them happy, and a happy parent means a happy child.

Taking Care Of Oneself: Good parenting can only happen if the parent feels happy from within, and taking care of oneself keeps a person happy. A little detox trip or a salon time can make a person happy where the parent can get themselves pampered and can relax their body to gear up again for the big chore.

Planning Out Fun Activities Together: It’s always recommended to the new parents to plan out fun activities together like small picnics, movie time, playing games together, etc. which will create a stronger bond among them and will understand the joy of companionship in this beautiful journey of parenthood.

Give Quality Time To Your Partner: Sometimes we get so engrossed taking care of the child that we tend to forget, as a human, even we need love and care. After becoming parents generally, partners face challenges in their chemistry where they feel so exhausted that showing love and affection also seems like a big task. For taking better care of the child and accept the changes introduced to their lives, partners need to understand that they both need each other to support love and affection.

Being a parent is a wonderful bliss that comes along with its pros and cons, but ultimately the new parent should remember that they have a beautiful human to take care of who rely and trust on them. Birthing a child is easy but raising a child into a better human is what is challenging, to all the parents out their who feel exhausted, lonely, anxious, and depressed …hold on guys, the sun will shine brighter soon as we say after every storm the sun will smile again. And this is how we finally realize after becoming one what our parents would have gone through to make us what we are today.

Changes are part of every individual’s journey. Every phase has its own ups and downs. Changes after becoming a parent can really make the parenting exhausting, but little sacrifices and adjustments can bring wonders in the lives of our bundle of joys.

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