59 Chinese Apps Were Banned By The Govt. Of India On 29th June 2020. But Is Tiktok Permanently Ban In India?

59 Chinese Apps Were Banned By The Govt. Of India On 29th June 2020. But Is Tiktok Permanently Ban In India?

is tiktok ban in india

Introduction to Tiktok

Is Tiktok Ban in India? Tiktok is a Chinese video-sharing platform owned by Byte-Dance. It was released in September 2016 and was globalized on 2nd August 2018 after successfully merging with musical.ly. As soon as Tiktok was globalized, the downloads of the platform in Google Play Store rose in enormous numbers.

Tiktok is one of the largest video sharing platforms on the internet right now. It became the 7th most downloaded app worldwide. It was the first and only Chinese app to obtain such an achievement. Tiktok was also the most downloaded app in the app store for the year 2018 & 2019.

In January 2020, K-pop fans and TikTok users claimed to have thousands of registration for President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa only through communication on Tiktok.

Moreover, Tiktok was recently banned in Indonesia as of 3rd July 2018 for abusive and pornography content on the video-sharing platform. The Indonesian government was concerned about their youth and the content they were consuming.

Later, Tiktok and the Indonesian government agreed to unblock Tiktok in Indonesia as Tiktok promised to improve their online censorship and add age restriction on their platform.

On 27th February 2019, the US fined Tiktok $5.7 million for violating children’s online privacy protection act. They were caught collecting the data of minors and the kids under the age of 13.

It has faced many legal issues regarding the privacy and data of the users with many countries, including India.

Is The TikTok Ban In India?

Even though Musical.ly did already exist before Tiktok came into the Indian market, it can be understood that it could never get as popular as Tiktok is right now if they had not decided to merge.

According to App Annie, India alone had 27% of TikTok’s total downloads, almost 325 million by the end of 2019. Tiktok has wholly dominated social media in India, being the fastest growing video sharing social platform.

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Temporary Ban

Previously in 2019, Interim court order in India banned Tiktok due to pornographic and inappropriate content. As the Indian government too scared about the minor citizens of it. Later Tiktok claimed to delete about 6 million videos and negotiated to uplift the ban. Then, on 25th April 2019, the ban was removed, and the popular social media app was back in the game. Tiktok was again allowed to be on both Google Play store as well as Appstore in India.

Permanent Ban

So now the question is, is the Tiktok ban in India? The answer is, yes. The famous Chinese video-sharing platform Tiktok was banned in India on 29th June 2020. It was not only Tiktok, which was banned but included 58 apps that were earning well in the social market.

There were hundreds of million users of Tiktok in India, and it is evident that the video-sharing platform Tiktok is supposed to lose much of its brand value as well as it’s income.

Many other countries have also been concerned about the legal issues related to Tiktok. The app is huge now that its collected data has the potential to cause dangerous complications if misused.

Why The Tiktok Ban In India?

  • Tiktok is suspected of collecting a vast amount of individually identifiable data from its users and sending it to China. You may think what my data can do, right? I say, perhaps, it even can trigger a 3rd world war out of nowhere. Such a vast amount of data is immensely dangerous when used against a country. The Indian government’s primary intention to ban these huge Chinese apps was to ensure the privacy and security of its users. Not just China, if such a vast amount of data is reached to any outsider, it may cause some real danger to India.
  • Since the border issues in Ladakh have also been complicated in recent times, India’s military force has lost 20 of its soldiers (Rest in Peace). It’s also one reason why the government has decided to ban these Chinese apps from causing a massive digital loss to the Chinese government.

So these two are the reasons Why the Tiktok ban in India.

Tiktok Ban The Latest News

At the beginning of the ban, users could use the Tiktok app without any issue; everyone thought that they could use TikTok until the very next update. But the hopes of users were shattered, and Tiktok was banned entirely and was made unavailable to access to its users in India by the Indian government.

Many media have claimed that Tiktok is up to file a legal challenge against the Indian government for banning TikTok in India. But TikTok just a few hours ago has cleared that they have no intention of filing a legal challenge against the Indian government for banning Tiktok.

Moreover, TikTok, on its official website, has clearly stated that they have and had no intention of providing the Indians’ data to the Chinese government. They have also said that their user data is their utmost priority.

So as of now, Tiktok India is trying to come into an agreement with the Indian government to find a course of action to uplift the ban and make their users get access to TikTok again.

No one is sure if it’s safe to use Tiktok even if they undo the ban because even Apple had questioned the data leak in Tiktok of apple users.

These things happened with the TikTok ban. For now, this is the Tiktok ban the latest News, and we’ve covered almost everything related to it.

Conclusion :

It’s essential to follow all the regulations as asked by the government and stay safe. We should help our military force at least through boycotting digital platforms. Furthermore, it will also ensure our safety by not providing our data just like that.

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