Scholarships – Available For Your Child, Bright Future Is Waiting

Scholarships – Available For Your Child, Bright Future Is Waiting

People usually relate the term “scholarship” to college and university education, rather than to school education. This misconception is abnormally common among Indian people. But the same condition is applicable for kids and students studying in school and kindergarten too. The youngest age at which proper scholarships are available is as young as 4-year-old …… yes, you read that correctly. You probably have in mind how can my child get a scholarship? Or what are the types of awards?  There are many scholarships at the school level which your child can get their hands on.

Importance of Money & Education


Remember, every rupee you save and win is a rupee less you have to borrow! The fees to attend college and university are a tremendous amount of money paid in a period of 4 to 5 years. I concur entirely with everyone who argues that college is too expensive. Honestly, it is absurd to spend this much amount of money to attend lectures every day & some of us never really paid heed to until there was an exam the next morning. 


The college will become less expensive when a preponderance of potential students (and their parents) starts showing a little discernment and prudence. I’m not saying that everybody should avoid college until the costs come down. Indeed, if you recognize that you will need a four-year degree for the occupation you would like to enter, then the value, while high because it is, might be worth it

That brings us back to our original topic: how can my child get a scholarship?

It needs: – 

>> Your Child Needs To Be Persuaded:

Talent is overflowing on some kids these days. It is very necessary to participate in scholarship competitions as this niche is quite competitive.

>> Have An Understanding And Know-How:

You should know where to look and what are your child’s talents and abilities. Find funding opportunities in different study destinations, scholarships focused on particular subjects and fellowships aimed at specific student groups  

>> Determination

Passion and hard work, and central persistence is the key to success! To keep thriving, one must maintain his hard work, and for him to do that. It’s your job to keep your child motivated and in-game. 

>> Need For Early Awareness Programs:

Early awareness programs and counseling try to encourage families to try searching up for college and even saving up for college and universities. So, it won’t bombard them with loans in the future 

>> Stand Out More:

To score a scholarship or win any competition of any sort; your child needs to stand out more amongst the rest for them to be selected from a crowd aiming for the same spot.

>> Thorough Instruction Reading:

I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of this step. Many students have lost the boa to have four tension-free years just by a minor-league.

>> Be Realistic:

And finally, as we touched on earlier, the unfortunate truth is that there aren’t many full scholarships to go around. They’re incredibly competitive, meaning that many candidates who meet and exceed the requirements for a total award end up missing out. Don’t let this hold you back from applying, but be realistic about your expectations. And remember, there’s no limit on how many scholarship applications you can send out, and usually no limit to how many scholarships you can be awarded, so you may be able to build your full scholarship using two or smaller scholarships.

Studying at a top university is often an expensive choice to make. If you’re struggling to scrape together the money, not only for fees but for accommodation and other living costs, university expenses can seem high-priced. If this is you, don’t worry. This guide will give you the starting point you need for a successful scholarship application.

Even though parents nowadays are more aware of the circumstances and the factors, there are still many schools leveled, and the government provides scholarships that they overlook.

How Can My Child Get A Scholarship? List of Top School Leveled Scholarships:

how can my child get a scholarship

« ISRO Young Scientist Program 2020

Under the Scheme for ISRO Young Scientist Program, the Indian Space Research Organization invites students from class 9th who are dedicated to space science and want to career in the same field. This ISRO Young Scientist Program scheme is suitable for both private and government schools in India.

Board of CBSE, ICSE, and State syllabi are from which the students are pursuing education are eligible to apply for the scholarship. Each selected candidate will go for the two weeks summer training program, and get a closer interaction of the Space management, Space technology, Space science, and Space applications.

®   The objective of this program is to encourage children to hunt science and technology 

« Umbrella Scheme for Education of ST Children – Pre-Post Scholarship

The Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India, welcome Indian students who are studying in

  • Class 9th
  • Class 10th from the recognized board.

For the year 2020, the applications will be made available online from 20th June 2020 and end on 15th October 2020.

® Candidates who are interested in submitting the Umbrella Scheme for Education of ST Students Pre/Post Matric Scholarship application form 2020 can do it. By accessing the official website, the link for the same is

« UP Scholarship

The Uttar Pradesh Government has launched the UP Scholarship Scheme for students of Class 9th to 12th. With over two lakhs scholarships, the program welcomes skilled and meritorious students belonging to the economically weaker background and rewards the best ones & this initiative was to provide students will confidence and boost their courage a little more. 

® Goal of this program is to motivate students to pursue higher education without worrying about financial conditions

« National Talent Search Exam (NTSE)

NTSE scholarship may be a well-known scholarship exam for college kids studying in school 10th. The National Council of Education Research and Training conducts this exam to assist students in pursuing higher studies. There are two levels of this exam;

  • The State Level and
  • The other is that the National Level.

Students below the legal age of 18 are eligible to apply for this and win financial help for future studies.

® Around 1000 of candidates apply for this scholarship program every year.

As mentioned above, scholarship programs for kids require:

  • A full inquiry and database.
  • The “verification of parental consent” before collecting, using, or even disclosing data or identifiable information to children.
  • This verification effectively prevents online scholarship database from matching students under 13 with scholarships 


Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for parents of younger students to allocate information about the scholarship available to more youthful kids aged under 13, I.e., 8th to 9th grades.

Scholarships for gifted kids are slightly easier to avail because your child stands out more among the rest of the kids, and the school authority takes pride in them.

Any prominent chance of scholarships are usually given in a platter to them, and if not, it is not hard for gifted children to pave their path to the top, after all, they are skilled right.

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